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postheadericon Karatbars, who are they?  How can they help you beat the rising cost of living and pay you $4,500 weekly?

Karatbars International was founded in 2011. They specialize in the sales and distribution  of small LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) currency grade 999.9 gold bars.  The headquarters is located and registered to do business in Stuttgart Germany  and they are rapidly expanding throughout Europe and across the globe.
We as Members help regular folk start
saving again 1 gram of Gold at a time.

International offers customers the best price for "Spendable Gold",  free storage and flat rate shipping. Deliveries are packaged under video surveillance and are shipped via FedEx daily


Gold Karatbars

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Karatbars are packaged in
grams instead of ounces.
( 1, 2.5 and 5 grams.) 
They are LBMA certified
which guarantees purity and weight. Karatbars are pure
999.9 - - 24 karat Currency
fine gold recognized as real currency. Karatbars are embedded in cards that  protect them and serve  as a certificate. 


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 Get paid weekly and receive
gold, cash, trips, cars and a villa
for helping two others  secure
their future. Amazing compen-
sation plan pays unlimited levels down.

Many members are working
from home and earning
thousands of dollars each and every  week.

There's no monthly membership fees. Click here to view the Karatbars payplan

Our Team

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Members of our team have senior representatives standing by ready to help on skype and three way calls.
We also have a skype room and frequent webinars for introducing
new members and training.  An excit-ing part of the payplan is we can place new members under old memberes.

Half of your business could be built for  FREE Click here to view a sales page  
( Page I give referrals )

postheadericon Karatbars Overview Video

Trusted by top consumer watchdogs and the Vatican


    "Our Team Activates their Package within 1 Day"

                "Procrastination Kills Wealth"


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