postheadericon Common Questions about Karatbars:

1. Do I need to buy gold each month to qualify for commissions? No.

2. How do I exchange my Gold for cash? Who accepts karatbars? Businesses are being setup to accept Karatbars. Also, places that buy Gold jewelry will buy Karatbars or you can sell them on Ebay.  Karatbars offers free storage for most countries.  You can store your Karatbars for free at Karatbars and then convert them back to cash in your account. The cash can be put on the Mastercard. Soon we expect to be able to make purchases with the gold in our account online. For a current list  of  who accepts Karatbars, check out the K Exchances at                            http://www.karatbars.com/?s=ooser                   

3. How do you get your money from your account? They provide you with a debit card free of charge.

4. But I can buy Gold cheaper elsewhere. This is True .. but other places don't pay you to buy gold. They don't let you compund, They don't pay you unlimited levels down. ...Or the ability to get your Gold for Free....Or reward you with trips, cars, gold and homes ... Also at other places, how much Gold you can buy will be limited by how much money you have.

Karatbars has the best price for LBMA certified currency grade Gold. Why, because we can get our Currency Grade 999.9 Gold for Free.  Can you Get Free!!!! Gold.

5. Am I required to sponsor? Not required but it only takes two people to earn weekly and get your gold for free. Karatbars is not a HYIP. (HYIPs or Profit shares: New investors pay old investors until they run out of New investors ... They tend to be 'PASSIVE' so that means they will run out of new members faster. Karatbars pays it's members based on Gold and package sales. Experts expect Gold prices to jump by 300% soon. I'll take owning more Gold each month over the sites that quit paying or buying over priced food supplements.

How much are average members making weekly? Depends on which one time package you buy and your effort. A member with a Vip package that cycles 6 times in one day will make $600 that day. Many cycle daily.
 I mostly get it. There's a lot of videos here. Which one wraps it all up? This is a recording of one of the Karatbars weekly intro webinars:

8.  What is Karatbar's payplan? How much does Karatbars pay members? Karatbars payplan

How does Karatbars ship the Gold? How much is shipping?
Karatbars uses Fedex. $20 (here) flat rate. It takes about two weeks.

Does Karatbars have banners and replicated sites? You can invite prospects to the main site with your referral link or use a third party replicated site. ( one time fee of $10 ) I have been providing a copy of my sales page and banners to members who join here. * Update. Karatbars now provides us with 1 free landing page. This is what mine looks like: http://www.karatbars.com/landing/?s=ooser

Is Karatbars Legit? Or Is Karatbars a scam? "I was in a Gold program once and it was a scam. This is probably just another scam." Scams exist in every market and new ones are invented everyday. ( Mostly "investing" sites ) Karatbars is a world apart from them and you can build a career working with Karatbars.

The Karatbars Gold bars are LBMA certified, they are trusted by top consumer watchdogs and the Vatican. You can visit their home office ( Also a new office coming to Wall Street) or give them a call.

"Money become worthless? Yeah right!" You need $100 today to buy what you could get for $2.00 in 1913. Freaky huh? Also, look into what happened to Turkey and Romania in 2005, Argentina in 1992, Russia in 1998, Germany in 1923, or Bizone/Trizone in 1948. Experts are expecting our cash to loose purchasing power faster than it ever did before.
The shocking dept crisis we are in at this very moment:

13. "But Gold prices are down!!" That's what the media wants you to think. A trader shows some charts..

14. "My country is not listed with Karatbars or the site will not let me buy a package." Call customer service about these scenarios. Phone 1-224-829-0047 Management hours (8am - 5pm German Time) Germany is 6 hours ahead of eastern time zone. Call early in the morning.

15. "My friend said Karatbars is a pyramid scheme." This video has been used in courtrooms to explain how and why a fair compensation plan works

16. Karatbars business cards Where do customers find the business cards that have gold in them? Have them get a free account and check out the products. We also get a website that displays the karatbars business cards and other products.

17. How do I get my Karatbars prepaid MasterCard? When we have commissions in excess of 35 euro - they send the debit card automatically. Karatbars prepaid card can also be acquired immediately in our back office.  

18. I have 20 people in my left leg. What do I do to earn? Or, Why ain't I earn'n? When you choose to place members in your left leg, you will be building a straight line down on your left side. You will also be building their left leg and possibly HALF of their business! Karatbars default setting is "auto". ( It automatically builds two legs down evenly) Remember you need 25 units in one leg and 50 units in another leg to cycle. 

The package you bought determines how much you make per cycle. The bigger the package the bigger the payout.  I didn't waste much time putting around 160 people in my 2 legs.  ( It doesn't matter if your referrals have right or left selected, if you are building your left leg new members will be placed on their left. ..You can leave it up to them to build their right leg or the other half of their business. OR .. you can go start a new leg! ) Placement is up to you. I have heard experienced Karatbars leaders state: 'Don't give people anything is my philosophy. They must earn it.' )

 (( By going to the training webinars .. being a member of the leader's skype room .. by at least getting a silver package  .. plugging in. )) I try to help as many as I can that want to help themselves and balance my units. *"Units" come from Gold purchases, package sales and product sales.  

Questions I like to ask those considering Karatbars:

1. Do you think a $100 Bill is going to buy as much in 2 years as it does today?

2. Would you rather have your savings backed by government insurance or real gold? (Cyprus citizens got their bank accounts raided. Trend? )

3. If you had a safe that was not to be opened for 5 years would you rather fill it with $1600 in cash or $1600 worth of Gold?

4. Does the company you work for ask if you want to be paid in cash, GOLD or a combination of both?

Why do you think there are so many GOLD for CASH stores all over the world? Profitable?

6. Governments are raiding private bank accounts. Will Spain, Italy and other European citizens be next?

7.  Do You want to Work with a Team that will support you from Training, creating Blogs, YouTube, etc...?

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Trusted by top consumer watchdogs and the Vatican

   "Our Team Activates their Package within 1 Day"

           "Procrastination Kills Wealth"

“Follow our 12 Week Plan and the Plan will Work for You - You always wanted to be successful and have a great business.  You just found it! How will You Treat It?" 


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